Besides the Ivy Leagues, which universities are well known for business management degrees?

By Maxine Seya

My daughter is thinking of a business management degree. Most universities can offer this, but besides the Ivy League colleges, which universities are well known for this curriculum?

– Anne, a parent in Corning, NY

“Well-known” will depend on who you’re asking! People on the East Coast might consider Babson as a well-known university for business (read our interview), whereas West Coasters might quickly think of Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. Most Ivy Leagues actually do not offer business degrees for undergrads. Business-minded Ivy League students might major in economics, philosophy, mathematics, political science, or other liberal arts disciplines before entering the business work world after graduation or pursuing a graduate business degree.

We did a little digging to find you 4 non-Ivy League colleges with unique business programs:

    1. The school for business majors who want to work during college
    2. The school for business majors who want to graduate in 3 years instead of 4 at no extra cost
    3. The school for business majors who want to start a business their first year of college
    4. The school for business majors who want to master the mindset for business in undergrad and the technical skills on the job or in grad schools


1. The school for business majors who want to work and get paid during college

Northeastern University in Boston is known for its experiential learning programs. Through the co-op, students get to work (and get paid) full-time in a field related to the desired career over the course of at least 6 months during their undergrad study. At the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, those who opt for the 4-year Business Administration degree will get four academic terms of co-op working time, where students work full-time at leading startups and companies in the U.S. and abroad. If they opt for the 5-year degree, they will get six sessions.

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Maxine Seya
Maxine Seya is a former investigative journalist, college consultant, and admissions interviewer. She studied at Peking University (Beijing, China) and Université Paul-Valéry (Montpellier, France) and investigated for CNN and Huffington Post before graduating from Northwestern University. She founded SocratesPost to share the human stories behind the admission gates and offer parents clarity as they help their teens with college.