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Red Flags When Hiring a College Consultant: A Comprehensive Look

Not long ago, I heard an upset college consultant ask a group of other consultants why his student didn't get into Yale despite a 4.0. Bad college consultants can still get enough clients to make a living, but I don't want that client to be you. Here are the essential red flags of a bad college consultant.

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SATs and ACTs might still matter. Here’s the new way to pass the bar.

“If you’re certain that you’re going to achieve above a certain level on that standardized test, then you should invest the rest of your time and your grades and your extracurriculars in particular,” says Nathan Poon, founder of Myntor, an AI that helps students achieve higher SAT, ACT, and AP scores with less study time and less effort.

2021 Top Admits: Kareena Patel, Rice University, Class of ’25

“The moment that I was like, ‘Yeah, I really just want to be a doctor,’ was when…the doctor had the baby, gave it to the nurse to clean, and then the nurse gave it to me to give to the mom. I was in tears,” says Oklahoman Kareena Patel, a Class of 2025 ED admit to Rice University in Houston, the #1 most selective college in Texas with a 10% acceptance rate in 2020. This week, the founder and CEO of Meducate Youth shares:

2021 Top Admits: Arav Jagroop, Princeton University, Class of ’25

“At first, I wasn’t really very open with my teachers, and I wouldn’t really communicate with them. I was an introvert and I thought I need to open up a bit and give them the opportunity to actually give me help,” says Arav Jagroop, a varsity tennis and basketball captain from Illinois who was accepted to Princeton University without test scores.


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UVA adds more applicants to waitlist

  • Trinity College’s dean of admissions explains why decisions seem unfair. Quick summary here.
  • Why are so many applicants getting waitlisted? UVA’s admissions dean explains.
  • Back in action: In-person SAT exams. Here are the requirements for in-person test takers.

Free tuition at University of Minnesota

  • This Ivy League is no longer under fire for alleged discrimination. Which one?
  • Just announced: Free tuition at the University of Minnesota for certain families. How do you qualify?
  • This elite institution with a 9% acceptance rate received fewer applications this year, unlike the Ivy Leagues. Which one and why?

Stanford increases affordability for 2021-2022

  • Good news just in! Stanford will be more affordable next year for middle-class families. How?
  • This state launched a tuition-free college program. It got 19k apps in 24 hours. Which state?
  • Ivy League applicants won’t get a timely admission decision this year. What happened?

Applications jumped 102% at this top college

  • NYU apps jumped 20%. Harvard 42%. But this college received 102% more apps than last year. Which one?
  • How can you get tuition credits by joining the Covid fight? One university figured it out.
  • Juniors, listen up. This top Ivy League school will NOT require tests this upcoming admissions cycle.

Dear Socrates


The Complete Guide: Becoming a National Merit Finalist

Years ago, I was a National Merit Commended Scholar. I forgot about that until today, when I dug up an old high school resume. In hindsight, nothing ever happened from that distinction. Today’s investigation: What is the National Merit Scholarship Program and is it worth the effort to compete?

Everything You Need to Know About the Letter of Continued Interest

I was a college sophomore when my sister, who’d applied to join me at Northwestern, texted me the ugly news: “WAITLISTED!!! :(” My investigative trip to the NU admissions office taught me something about a LOCI. Here’s everything you need to know about the Letter of Continued Interest, from purpose and tone to content and effect. Details here.