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“Being able to see something on the resume that has actually evolved over time and helped the person into a better individual as opposed to having 10 to 15 on their resume, I think that the former is way more valuable than the other.”

— Jerilyn, Harvard admissions interviewer  

“…only keep one set of eyes on your personal statement, whether it’s Northwestern or anyone else.”

— Justin, Northwestern admissions director  

“There are still students now who think that they could get a spot off the waiting list, even though it’s like beyond statistically unlikely.”

— Deborah, Carnegie Mellon admissions director  

“I read her essay and I told her, ‘Your essay is horrible. You have about a paragraph and you’re not saying why you’re interested in University of Michigan.'”

— Bryan, UMich admissions director  

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College essays aren’t journal entries, says ex-Northwestern admissions officer

"Let's say what happened in Atlanta is transforming you to want to major in history or even ethnic studies. You have to go a little deeper than that...This is also not a journal entry," says former Northwestern University admissions officer Elaine Kuo about college essays. Northwestern accepted 6.8% of applicants this year. This week:

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Teacher Columnist: 3 Things I Wish Parents Knew About College Admissions

"Many parents pressure their child into only aiming for 4-year colleges, however for some students, 4-year colleges are not the best fit." Our newest columnist, Daniel Lieu, a Los Angeles-based high school science teacher, has helped countless students get into college. This week, he shares the 3 things parents should know about college admissions, from a teacher's perspective.

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