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Gaining admission to college is tough.


of applicants are admitted to
Stanford University

The U.S. college admissions landscape is constantly changing. Colleges are becoming more selective by the year.

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“So many schools will under-enroll,” says admissions director

"I guarantee you so many schools will under-enroll." This week, part 2 of our latest Q&A special: how coronavirus affects scholarships, test score requirements, colleges going out of business, and admissions officers losing jobs. Plus, questions college hopefuls should be asking amidst COVID-19 and predictions on the future of college admissions. Ken Dunbar is an admissions director with 20 years in college admissions.

Dear Socrates


Dear Socrates


The Skinny

Ivy League acceptance rates rise at select schools

  • Ivy League acceptance rates... increased? Which schools admitted more students than last year?
  • Okay, I see you...This entire state just went test optional. Are you in it?
  • Medical schools are letting their students graduate early to join the COVID-19 fight. Which ones?

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