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“Being able to see something on the resume that has actually evolved over time and helped the person into a better individual as opposed to having 10 to 15 on their resume, I think that the former is way more valuable than the other.”

— Jerilyn, Harvard admissions interviewer  

“…only keep one set of eyes on your personal statement, whether it’s Northwestern or anyone else.”

— Justin, Northwestern admissions director  

“There are still students now who think that they could get a spot off the waiting list, even though it’s like beyond statistically unlikely.”

— Deborah, Carnegie Mellon admissions director  

“I read her essay and I told her, ‘Your essay is horrible. You have about a paragraph and you’re not saying why you’re interested in University of Michigan.'”

— Bryan, UMich admissions director  

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Q&A with a retired UC Berkeley Law admissions dean

"I denied several applications...due to poor writing skills, incoherent thoughts, and/or a generic or overly-pompous attitude," explains Edward Tom, a law school admissions dean, now retired after over 30 years at UC Berkeley. We discuss his lessons from reading over 200k applications for a 21% admit rate, including the types of personal statements that turned him off, the most memorable candidate, and the reality behind the job of an admissions dean. Plus: does yield protect exist at Berkeley?

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