What is SocratesPost?

SocratesPost is an ad-free, subscription-based source for parents navigating the college admissions process with their kids. It was founded by investigative journalists and former college coaches who want to shift the focus of college apps from prestige, scarcity, and rankings to authenticity, clarity, and fit.
We’re here to shape your viewpoints not only on colleges themselves and how to get in, but also what it truly means to get a college education.
We shouldn’t have to sit in meetings, wait in line, or commute long hours to get help with college admissions. We shouldn’t have to make ourselves into people we are not just to get into college.
The information and advice that can shape our lives should be accessible anytime, anywhere.
SocratesPost is available worldwide, currently in English.

What makes SocratesPost different?

SocratesPost is not a blog or a marketing website sent on behalf of a college consulting firm.
It is a specialized, niche source of insider information.
It shows you the inner workings of college admissions through our exclusive interviews with college admissions insiders (admissions officers, interviewers, counselors, and deans) whom we’ve enlisted in our vision. Just as much as you want them to see you as humans, they want you to see them as humans as well.
Completely independent of sponsors, affiliates, or advertisers, we can publish laser-sharp focused articles on college admissions without pushing products.

How does SocratesPost help me in college admissions?

Through learning the experiences of admissions insiders who evaluate and select applicants, you can empathize and understand how your evaluators might see you. You can then learn what truly matters in your application and what does not. Through understanding the experiences of previously successful admits, you can see that there is not one right path to college – every unique story matters.

Who is SocratesPost for?

Though geared toward parents guiding their children on a path to college, SocratesPost can be for college applicants themselves, college counselors, teachers, coaches, or consultants who want a single clear, specialized source for all of their college admissions curiosities. It’s for those who want to pilot their college admissions journey with authenticity, giving up the race for prestige and rankings and instead seeking truth and integrity. And especially for those who want to do it from anywhere in the world, any time.

Is SocratesPost a college consulting or counseling company?

No. SocratesPost is a leading neutral source that is very specialized in the niche topic of college admissions. We do not push any agendas for any consulting or counseling business.

Why do I have to pay for a subscription?

The insights, analysis, and commentary we gather and publish are independent of influence from investors, external advertisers, and companies selling their services. Because of your subscription, we serve you, instead of advertisers, with the highest caliber content. Most importantly, your subscription allows us to continue running SocratesPost with the best technology and tools and make a living.

What’s the difference between a subscriber and a reader?

Subscribers pay for unlimited access to our content (current and archived)..
Readers do not pay. They can only access partial content. We encourage every reader to try out a subscription for full content.
You may cancel anytime.

Why is this called SocratesPost?

Socrates was a nonconformist, a contrarian, and a brave thinker. He learned by asking questions, deeply examining himself and his world.

SocratesPost channels his spirit of interrogating popular opinions and revealing what truly matters for each individual. We question those working in admissions to shine light on the issues that confuse students and parents the most.

We hope you do the same by continually asking yourself “what really matters to me?”, rather than seeking formulas and following the crowd to success.

Let’s coin our own definitions of success.

Will I get weekly email notifications?

No. In 2022, we paused the weekly email notifications to readers and subscribers as a response to subscriber preferences. We have since transitioned to a library system where all subscribers and readers can read articles by visiting the website directly rather than accessing a link via email.

We continue to be open minded to subscriber preferences, but in the meantime, this seems to work best.