How is SocratesPost different from hiring a college consultant?

SocratesPost’s public and private Q&A and tips are meant to quickly and efficiently provide personalized guidance and clarity on your college admissions questions. We don’t check your homework, schedule meetings, or package you into someone you don’t recognize. Instead, we guide and complement inquisitive, independent college applicants who care to stay true to themselves.

Formerly a college consultant, our founder Mercy noticed the industry’s rigid, inauthentic, and outdated methods to get applicants admitted. SocratesPost smashes the tradition, simplifying and clarifying the admissions process by connecting insiders and applicants — all accessible from your most-checked app: your email.

Why do I have to pay for a subscription?

The insights, analysis, and commentary we gather and publish are independent of influence from investors, external advertisers, and companies selling their services. Because of your subscription, we serve you, instead of advertisers, with the highest caliber content and guidance. Most importantly, your subscription allows us to continue running SocratesPost and make a living.

Why is this called SocratesPost?

Socrates was a nonconformist, a contrarian, and a brave thinker. He learned by asking questions, deeply examining himself and his world. SocratesPost channels his spirit of interrogating popular opinions and revealing what truly matters for each individual. We question those working in admissions to shine light on the issues that confuse students and parents the most. We hope you do the same by continually asking yourself “what really matters to me?”, rather than seeking formulas and following the crowd to success. Let’s coin our own definitions of success.

As members of SocratesPost, are we guaranteed college admissions somewhere? Will you vouch for us with admissions committees?

No. SocratesPost is a neutral information source and does not guarantee or promise anyone admission to college. We aim to equip with all the knowledge tools to independently turn your academic goals into reality.

Where can I ask a question about SocratesPost?

Right here! Ask your question below and we will email back an answer.

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