Don’t play the game: Just buy your own college

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Questions we explored this week:

  • Forget about financial aid. Free college for all might be on the horizon. Why?
  • Didn't get into college? Don't sweat it. Buy your own college here and make your own rules.
  • Berkeley, UCLA, and Cal Poly have something controversial in common. What is it?

April 21, 2021 — College for All Act

A new bill introduced in Congress proposes free tuition to public community colleges, free tuition to public 4-year colleges for families making <$125k a year, and doubling the federal Pell Grant (free money for low-income students) to nearly $13k per year.

What does this mean? Students from low-earning families, especially Black, Hispanic, or Native American ones, often qualify for a lot of aid from private colleges. This act, should it pass, would make public colleges more comparable in price for the poorest groups.

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April 19, 2021 — Former Urbana University is for sale

The 170-year-old university in small town Ohio couldn’t make it through Covid amid already-declining enrollment. Its 115 acres and 22 buildings stretching 350,000 square feet are for sale. Urbana University, a liberal arts college, was purchased by larger nearby institution, Franklin University, in 2014. The price hasn’t been listed.

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What does this mean? Most people struggle to think more creatively beyond simply getting accepted by colleges. But if you have $250,000 saved up for college anyway, why not use that as a down payment to buy a university campus and let junior make his own rules?

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April 15, 2021 — They’ll be requiring vaccines

Once the FDA approves any one of the current Covid vaccines that are on Emergency Use Authorization, the UC (University of California) and Cal State universities systems will require students to get vaccinated before showing up on campus. This affects 1 million students across 32 campuses in California like Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UCI, Cal Poly Pomona, CSU Long Beach, and SF State.

What does this mean? The university systems were smart to make it mandatory only after full approval. Anti-vax college students upset about vaccine requirements often complain about the untrustworthy “EUA” label. But there will still be unhappy people who never intended on allowing the chemicals in their bodies.

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