Why researchers think college has gotten easier

SocratesPost is always on the frontlines scouring the news for relevant updates in the college admissions landscape. We look for anything that can help shape our understanding of the latest trends in admissions and help our readers see the direction in which we’re moving.

Questions we explored this week:

  • Are colleges really decreasing enrollment? This elite college system accepted more students than ever this year. Which one is it?
  • Researchers think college might’ve gotten easier over the years. Why and what are they seeing?
  • Are you adopted or a foster kid? Thanks to a brand new law signed last month, you can go to college tuition free in this large U.S. state.

July 22, 2019 — University of California
UC’s admitted 600 students more than last year, amounting to 108k freshmen admits among nearly 177k applicants. UCLA, UCSB, and UCI reduced offers to in-state...

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