College students live not in dorms but…hotel rooms?

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Questions we explored this week:

  • Want to live in a Marriott, Hilton, or Omni hotel as a college student? This Ivy League is leasing out rooms for you.
  • STUDY: 2020 avg. SAT scores show gaps among White, Black, Latino, and Asian students. What does the data say?
  • This state school is bringing back an old requirement. Students will now be mandated to live on-campus for two years. Which school?

December 4, 2020 — Brown

Brown has on-campus dorms and leased off-campus housing. But 529 students still were waitlisted for spring semester housing. The university will be leasing single-occupancy hotel rooms in downtown Providence, R.I.. Students in hotels will pay the same amount as those in dorms or campus apartments: $4,887 per year. Meals, not included, will be delivered to those in hotel rooms for those on a meal plan (around $3k per year).

What does this mean? It’s a win for the local hotel industry and a chance for students to feel like they’re on an extended business trip. Richer schools can do this, but students at cash-strapped schools will probably be asked to stay home in case of campus housing shortages.

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December 1, 2020 — Black and Hispanic students still underperform

According to a Brookings study, SAT takers this year averaged a 523 out of 800 on the math section. Asians averaged 623, whites 547, Hispanic/Latinos 478, and Blacks 454. Look familiar? College admissions reflect these numbers: whites and Asians comprise a much larger portion of student populations than Blacks and Hispanics.

What does this mean? SAT test scores continue to show not aptitude, but the opportunities afforded to the test taker. Covid’s silver lining was removing this requirement from most schools’ admissions criteria.

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December 2, 2020 — Michigan State

Currently, the state school only requires students to live on campus for one year. Starting in 2021, students will be required to live on the East Lansing, Mich. campus for two years. Data shows that students who live on campus the first two years have a 2.5% higher chance of graduating in 4 years compared to those on campus for one year. Exceptions include students with spouses, children, or family within 40 miles.

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What does this mean? Off-campus living leads to more partying and missing class. MSU will need to invest more resources in building residences or repurposing other buildings to meet the new on-campus housing demand.

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