FAFSA to eliminate questions and remove EFC

SocratesPost is always on the frontlines scouring the news for relevant updates in the college admissions landscape. We look for anything that can help shape our understanding of the latest trends in admissions and help our readers see the direction in which we’re moving.

Questions we explored this week:

  • The new FAFSA is going to make your life easier. What are the changes?
  • This popular state's public colleges won't be increasing tuition in 2021. Which one?
  • Applications to MIT jumped to a record high of 62% from last year. How many got in?

January 8, 2021 — Fewer questions, fewer requirements
Starting Oct. 2021, the FAFSA will ask you a maximum of 36, instead of the current 108, questions. The Estimated Family Contribution, or EFC, wil...

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