Get financial aid at Boston University: CSS profile & FAFSA nuggets

This week, SocratesPost got you the Skinny on getting financial aid at Boston University. Even if you’re not applying to BU, a selective, popular U.S. university, there’s something here for everyone to learn about paying for college. Every college uses the CSS Profile and FAFSA, so there are useful nuggets here. college admissions newsletter

Senior assistant directors Liberty Collom and Ken Kowalczyk from the Boston University financial aid office conducted an hour-long seminar answering all your questions on how BU gives aid.

SocratesPost attended and summarized the seminar for you so you don’t have to.

A few complex topics and answers we’re reporting back to our readers:

  • What is Boston University’s scholarship assurance?
  • Does BU meet every student’s full financial need?
  • What percentage of freshmen who apply for aid actually receive money?
  • Do financial aid forms matter for merit scholarships?
  • Does BU award financial aid to international students?
  • How specific do we need to be when explaining a “special financial circumstance?”
  • Do you take household debt into consideration when giving aid?
  • What if my parents have a lot of money in their retirement accounts? Does that mean I’ll get less aid?
  • Which parent should apply for aid if my parents are not together?
  • Will I get more financial aid if I apply before the deadline?

A few issues ago, we covered the basics of merit scholarships and how they differ from other forms of aid. Because financial aid is an extremely complex topic that differs vastly for each individual, we’re breaking up our financial aid-related articles.

Want to know how Boston University gives financial aid? We’ve prepped a quick read for you.

Here’s your report on financial assistance at Boston University

  • What is Boston University’s scholarship assurance?

Your first-year aid package will be guaranteed for your remaining years at BU. You will only need to fill out the CSS Profile once, but will need to fill out the FAFSA each year.

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