More families qualify for a scholarship at this Ivy League

SocratesPost is always on the frontlines scouring the news for relevant updates in the college admissions landscape. We look for anything that can help shape our understanding of the latest trends in admissions and help our readers see the direction in which we’re moving.

Questions we explored this week:

  • Almost 20% of college grads expect to earn this starting salary. What is it?
  • Want to win 4 years of fully-funded college or a $1 million lottery? You only have to do one thing.
  • This Ivy increased the income limit for full tuition scholarships, increasing affordability. Which one?

May 13, 2021 — $85,000
A recent survey of 20k college students reported that 18% of them expected to earn a $85k starting salary -- the most common response. Almost 40% surveyed say they do not think...

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