Student loans at a record high delinquency

SocratesPost is always on the frontlines scouring the news for relevant updates in the college admissions landscape. We look for anything that can help shape our understanding of the latest trends in admissions and help our readers see the direction in which we’re moving.

Questions we explored this week:

  • Will the government start taking student loan repayments straight out of your paycheck?
  • Student loans rose to a record high delinquency this quarter. What’s to blame?
  • A mom is worried that college admissions is rigged against her white, upper-class son. What should she do?

Feb. 13, 2019 — We might see student loan repayments taken out of paychecks in the future.

What? GOP lawmakers are proposing wage garnishment to repay student loans.
Why? Student loan balances...

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