Quit now: 5 Crucial Takeaways from The Dip for Elite College Hopefuls

“Most of us don’t have the guts to quit…Instead, we get mediocre… Do ordinary work, blameless work, work that’s beyond reproach. Most people suck it up and try to average their way to success.” – Seth Godin

Contrary to what most people tell you, you should probably quit whatever it is you’re doing. If you’re notSeth Godin The Dip SocratesPost admissions insiders insights going to be the best at what you do, there’s no point in doing it. This might sound a bit like dramatic “tiger parenting,” but it actually steers us on a path toward true excellence.

Seth Godin’s “The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)” explains why getting through the “Dip” — or what many call the “bottleneck” — is so crucial when pursuing any goal. If we don’t think we can make it through the worst parts and the toughest struggles on our way to our dream, we might as well be honest with ourselves and quit now. And quit fast.

How does this pertain to students during the college prep process?

1) “Almost everything in life worth doing is controlled by ‘The Dip.’” pg. 16

Readers, as you aspire for admission into a selective college, you will experience the Dip. Getting A’s in your AP and honors classes will get harder as your study time shrinks and material advances. Some might even stop taking AP courses.

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