It’s okay if you’re a bad student. Here’s how to find your element.

Why we reviewed The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything: Almost every admissions insider we interview says showing passion is crucial. Most people, though, don’t know why passion is so important or how to find it. We got Dr. Robinson’s take on it.

Why this is relevant to the college admissions process: College admissions officers seek self-aware, reflective students. Taking the time to understand who you are and pursuing that despite what society tells you to do is a rare and attractive trait among young adults.

What are the 6 questions answered by the book and how do we know when we’re in our element? We’ve summarized it and included the most thought-provoking quote from the book.

6 Best Takeaways from Dr. Ken Robinson’s The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything

1. What’s the problem? Most education systems don’t encourage people to find their element. We’re responsible for finding it ourselves.<

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