University of Virginia results in: Only 21% admitted

SocratesPost is always on the frontlines scouring the news for relevant updates in the college admissions landscape. We look for anything that can help shape our understanding of the latest trends in admissions and help our readers see the direction in which we’re moving.

Questions we explored this week:

  • Applications skyrocketed at this Ivy League school, but the number of interviewers stayed the same. Which one?
  • This U.S. state is one step closer to legally removing SAT and ACT from university admissions. Which state?
  • This top "public Ivy" only accepted 21% of applicants this year. Which school?

March 26, 2021 — Harvard
About 10,000 alumni volunteers conducted virtual admissions interviews for the Class of 2025, approximately the same number as in previous years. All admissions interviews we...

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