How can I find a college consultant near me?

By Maxine Seya

College consultants aren’t unicorns, are they?

Educational consultants, the umbrella term that includes college consultants, are increasingly operating from every corner, even if their work feels invisible to you.

If your family has already evaluated all the pros and cons of working with a college consultant and decided to work with one, here are some ideas on where to find your student’s college advocate.

Where to look?


Your student’s high school PTA often hosts college admissions speakers. Most schools’ PTA groups closely vet the college admissions experts before giving them a speaking slot, especially if the school is a public school. Public schools typically don’t allow speakers to promote their services, so the volunteers who give presentations on college advice must do so because they want to contribute. Asking members of the PTA might give you a head start on finding local gems, like independent consultants vs. larger consulting firms, that don’t appear on the first few pages of Google.

Extracurricular coaches

Does your child take piano lessons? Play club soccer? Take art classes after school? The teachers or program administrators of extracurricular activities often know other providers of extracurricular education, including college consultants. Independent college consultants particularly love to partner with local sports groups, performing arts teachers, or after school tutoring programs because they have the same audience: college-bound students whose parents are willing to spend money on learning. Parents of teens who participate in these paid extracurricular activities are the likeliest candidate to pay for services like college consulting. Chances are, your family and your student already trust your sports coaches or music teachers. If your child’s piano teacher doesn’t personally know any college consultants, chances are that some of his piano students have used one.

Search an industry organization directory

Many, though not all, college consultants are members of professional

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Maxine Seya
Maxine Seya is a former investigative journalist, college consultant, and admissions interviewer. She studied at Peking University (Beijing, China) and Université Paul-Valéry (Montpellier, France) and investigated for CNN and Huffington Post before graduating from Northwestern University. She founded SocratesPost to share the human stories behind the admission gates and offer parents clarity as they help their teens with college.